Geez, I love this game

Health, well-being, freedom, fresh air, beer – all synonyms for golf.

It’s a great game. It’s one of those games where even though you may have a round with others, you’re only ever really competing against yourself. The funny part… what could be more nonsensical than voluntarily walking several miles attempting to hit a small white ball into a hole with the least amount of strokes (and frustration).

You can’t help but wonder if the folk who invented the game were somewhat intoxicated when they started penning golf concepts on their lunch napkins.

Ah, but good on them… because even though it arguably defies logic, it’s a fantastic pastime, and profession. For some, the profession part is a long way off, I know it is for me. My scores minus the handicap often still reach triple digits on 18 holes. I think I also have a small taste of what it is to be a farmer, even though I’ve never sown a seed of any kind in my whole life. The rough is a luxury, out-of-bounds, the norm.

Even so, I carry $1,000 plus set of clubs, it’s leather bag, and drive the gold cart with pride and panache, as though 100,000 fans are watching me hit an eagle on the 18th. Imagination is stronger than reality. I’m happy about that.

I have a friend that I generally only speak to a few times a year. His name is Mulligan. It’s a friendship of convenience really, I seldom hear him say anything although I call on his expertise fairly frequently. To my surprise, some of my other golfing buddies seem to be acquainted with that same Mr. Mulligan.

Much more could be said about this fantastic game, but I’ve just come off a great round and am headed to the pub to shoot the breeze. It’s at the pub that the the greatest advice is given and received, just after the score card has been obliterated at the entrance. I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon. The longer we sit at the pub the more imaginations seems to flourish, and stories evolve into tales of fiction. That’s okay, it gives us hope that the next round will be better and of even more value – friendships between tale-bearers grow deeper.

See you at the next tee.